October 2018


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Hello, This week I was messing with some payload formats and I came to the conclusion the easiest and smartest way make a package is by using CayenneLPP. Cayenne Low Power Payload (LPP) is a library designed to make packages for LPWAN networks such as LoRa and LoRaWAN. This video… Read More »CayenneLPP

LoRa and Sleep

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First of all, we need to understand the basic about of the LoRa communication. The RFM95 module is a transceiver, it transmits as much as it receives packets, and because it is a radio frequency communication, the transmitting and receiving module must be configured with the same frequency, SF, among… Read More »LoRa and Sleep

Sleep Now

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Usually in a project when we are using battery we need to use some techniques to save power, no one wants to change the battery every week. The best way to save power is removing some components, like the regulator and the power led. And of course, put the microcontroller… Read More »Sleep Now