My Node Died (LoRaWAN)

In April 2019 I installed a node here at home! The goal was to see how long a battery-powered Arduino stays online measuring the temperature and sending this data through LoRaWAN. After 89357 data sent to The Things Network (TTN) the Node stopped sending since the battery ran out, which… Read More »My Node Died (LoRaWAN)

LoRaNow Library

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I’m playing with LoRa and LoRaWan for some time and is an incredible technology, but when you want to create something nice is a little hard, especially with LoRaWan. LoRaWan library is a little crazy and is not user-friendly, but has a lot of nice features, like frequency swap, encryption,… Read More »LoRaNow Library

LoRa and Sleep

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First of all, we need to understand the basic about of the LoRa communication. The RFM95 module is a transceiver, it transmits as much as it receives packets, and because it is a radio frequency communication, the transmitting and receiving module must be configured with the same frequency, SF, among… Read More »LoRa and Sleep

The Schematic

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How the schematic works?! Basically use two main components, Arduino Pro Mini and RFM95 LoRa Module. The circuit is powered by 2 AA batteries.   RFM95 – LoRa Module The RFM95 is based on the SX1276 chip, a Low Power Long Range Transceiver. It’s uses SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and… Read More »The Schematic

My first board!

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I started playing with LoRa when I bought some RFM95 module, it was really boring and messy playing with wirings… So I decided to make a board, the idea was to make a pcb to put RFM95 and Arduino Pro Mini, power the whole board with 2 AA battery. And… Read More »My first board!