LoRaNow Library

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I’m playing with LoRa and LoRaWan for some time and is an incredible technology, but when you want to create something nice is a little hard, especially with LoRaWan. LoRaWan library is a little crazy and is not user-friendly, but has a lot of nice features, like frequency swap, encryption,… Read More »LoRaNow Library

The Schematic

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How the schematic works?! Basically use two main components, Arduino Pro Mini and RFM95 LoRa Module. The circuit is powered by 2 AA batteries.   RFM95 – LoRa Module The RFM95 is based on the SX1276 chip, a Low Power Long Range Transceiver. It’s uses SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and… Read More »The Schematic

My first board!

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I started playing with LoRa when I bought some RFM95 module, it was really boring and messy playing with wirings… So I decided to make a board, the idea was to make a pcb to put RFM95 and Arduino Pro Mini, power the whole board with 2 AA battery. And… Read More »My first board!