LoRaNow Library

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I’m playing with LoRa and LoRaWan for some time and is an incredible technology, but when you want to create something nice is a little hard, especially with LoRaWan.

LoRaWan library is a little crazy and is not user-friendly, but has a lot of nice features, like frequency swap, encryption, and others stuff.

But some projects it does not need too much complexity, so I present you LoRaNow Library. Uses the same gateway-node concept but much much simpler as LoRaWan.

LoRaNow protocol has some features like:

  • Id – Each node has an identification, by default the library creates a unique id for the node.
  • Checksum – Each payload has a checksum to verify if the data is corrupted.
  • State Machine – The library has a state machine algorithm to manage the LoRa module, open an RX window after sending data and put the module to sleep.

I design the library to work with basically Arduino and ESP boards with a LoRa module attached, like TTGO and Heltec boards. And of course, working with my LoRaNow boards.

The library is based on the LoRa library, I create a protocol on top of the LoRa library, to make simpler.

At now the library does not have a good gateway with mqtt and other features. I’m working on to make a nice esp gateway code.

For more information link for the GitHub: LoRaNow

That’s it for the moment!