Sleep Now

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Usually in a project when we are using battery we need to use some techniques to save power, no one wants to change the battery every week. The best way to save power is removing some components, like the regulator and the power led. And of course, put the microcontroller… Read More »Sleep Now

The Schematic

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How the schematic works?! Basically use two main components, Arduino Pro Mini and RFM95 LoRa Module. The circuit is powered by 2 AA batteries.   RFM95 – LoRa Module The RFM95 is based on the SX1276 chip, a Low Power Long Range Transceiver. It’s uses SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and… Read More »The Schematic

My first board!

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I started playing with LoRa when I bought some RFM95 module, it was really boring and messy playing with wirings… So I decided to make a board, the idea was to make a pcb to put RFM95 and Arduino Pro Mini, power the whole board with 2 AA battery. And… Read More »My first board!